Episode 17: Wait A Minute, Xena Can’t Fly.

photo (4) (1)Our good friend Almie Rose (Hellogiggles.com, Apocalypstick.com) returns for another segment of “Life is a F***ing Nightmare!” Almie, along with Matt and Christina, answers a variety of relationship questions that spark debates such as whether or not it’s okay to date someone who hates The Beatles and how much money it would cost you to have Almie makeover your OK Cupid dating profile!

Almie also discusses her brand new book I Forgot To Be Famous and the three discuss how they would spend their remaining days in the zombie apocalypse…which is spawned from an actual story in I Forgot To Be Famous.

Matt also rambles about his love of Blink-182 and Christina finds it hard to fathom someone hating Waynes World. What else is new?

Music from Radiator Hospital.


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