Episode 31: Good Lord! He’s Gotten Into The Pep Closet!

1395376_10151656915097117_1645640296_nMatt and Christina are joined by Tim Kasher (Cursive, The Good Life) and Laura Stevenson to talk…well…basically they do their best to not make fools of themselves. The four do discuss Fest 12, Halloween horror movies and Tim and Laura’s writing style…but with hilarious results.

Matt and Christina also talk more about Fest 12, including who they’re most excited to see and what they’re most looking forward to.

(Note: the interview with Tim Kasher and Laura Stevenson was done outside and not in the studio as usual. Also, only one microphone was used so that crisp, professional sound you’re used to hearing is replaced by the sound of wind and laughter).

Music from Tim Kasher and Laura Stevenson


Let’s Talk About Movies Episode One: ‘Gravity’

letstalkaboutmoviesWelcome to the first episode of Let’s Talk About Movies. It’s kind of like a spin off of Let’s Talk About Feelings.

On this podcast, Matt and Christina are joined by Polar Bear Club frontman Jimmy Stadt to discuss the smash hit “Gravity.

The trio discuss the beautiful cinematography and the role portrayed by Sandra Bullock.

Note: Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! This podcast may contain spoilers to “Gravity.” Listen at your own risk.


Episode 30: Shoe Goes On. Shoe Goes Off. Shoe Goes On. Shoe Goes Off.

image (2)Matt and Christina welcome Jenny Owen Youngs to the podcast. Jenny discusses a wide variety of topics including Kickstarter, conversations with children, and her love of science and nature related topics (which takes a sad turn because Christina begins talking about sad documentaries).

As usual, Christina makes fun of Matt for his love of (among others) musicals, Brendan Kelly and Laura Stevenson and Christina and Jenny talk about how they met and a show where Christina’s boyfriend filled in on drums in Los Angeles for one of Jenny’s sets…with hilarious consequences!

Music from Jenny Owen Youngs.


Episode 29: To Start Press ‘Any Key’. Where’s The ‘Any’ Key?

hostpicComedian and SideOneDummy co-owner Joe Sib joins Matt and Christina to discuss his one man show, California Calling. The one man show is taking place this Friday (October 4th) at the Meltdown in Hollywood.

Ever the story teller, Joe talks about his transition from story telling to comedy and about the time he performed California Calling before an Angels and Airwaves concert. It’s a hilarious story you don’t want to miss.

Also, Joe and Christina gang up and pick up on Matt. Just another day at SideOneDummy.

Music from Diarrhea Planet


Episode 28: Ow, My Eye. I’m Not Supposed To Get Pudding In It.

1237760_10151609507412117_2089619120_nMatt and Christina invite Almie Rose (HelloGiggles.com, Apocalypstick.com) back to the podcast for another relationship-savin’ segment of “Life is a F***ing Nightmare.” However, Almie brings her friend Bruce Brian Billings and all bets are off.

Bruce is a 47 year old golf instructor who hasn’t seen his kids in seven years and counts “bathtubs” as his interests and “apples” as his enemies. With Bruce in the room, nobody feels comfortable and all bets are off. I’m kind of surprised that Matt and Christina made it out alive and with all limbs intact.

Music from The Flatliners.


Episode 27: Disco Stu… Like’s Disco.

letstalkaboutfeelingsOn this installment of “Let’s Talk About Feelings,” Matt and Christina discuss their love of Jake Johnson, Olivia Wilde and Dermot Mulroney. They also discuss the films they’ve seen over the last couple months, and the new podcast network they joined, the How We Are network.

The two are then joined by Chloe Chaidez of Kitten. She discusses Kitten’s unique sound, playing Riot Fest and her love of Orange is the New Black (not that Matt and Christina need any real reason to talk about Orange is the New Black… they do so on their own).

Music from Kitten and Restorations.


Episode 26: Wait! I Need Closure On That Anecdote.

photo (7)Author Leslie Simon is invited back to the studio to hang with Matt and Christina. Actually, she never really left, but that’s another story entirely.

The three are joined by Blair Shehan (Knapsack, The Jealous Sound) to discuss Knapsack’s reunion and playing Fest 12!

The conversation then turns into a full blown discussion on the music industry, where it gets a bit dicey (but stays friendly).

Then Leslie tells a story about a French Bulldog and everybody forgets what they are talking about.

Christina (despite being a fan of both of Blair’s bands) couldn’t remember the names of any of the songs she wanted to play on the podcast this week and Matt tries to question Blair on the timeline of Blair’s band. They really are a super duo.

Music from The Jealous Sound and Knapsack.


Episode 25: If You Were A Musician Or A Jazz Singer, This I Could Forgive.

photo (5)Matt and Christina are joined by Cash Hartzell (Producer on Talking Bad) and Neil Mahoney (Editor on Drunk History). Cash and Neil discuss working with Jonah Ray and JonahRaydio, as well as how they met.

Not to be outdone, Matt and Christina pepper the two with questions about Drunk History and Breaking Bad.

There’s also a lot of talk about Matt Groening and hockey fights. A lot. At the end. It’s something.

Music from The Menzingers (kicking off our Fest 12 coverage)


Episode 24: Go Banana!

photo (1)In typical fashion, Matt and Christina begin the podcast by discussing their love of both rock documentaries and pastries (including the elusive and delicious cronut). Christina uses the phrase “Babraham Lincoln” and Matt shamelessly plugs Goose Island Brewing Co.

It’s that kind of podcast.

The two are then  joined by Dresses! The Portland duo talk about signing with SideOneDummy Records (where Matt and Christina work), The Conjuring, and how Portland is the meth capital of the world. There’s also more talk of pastries…but what do you really expect from Matt and Christina?

Music from Dresses


Episode 23: The Goggles, They Do Nothing!

hostpicOn this episode of the Grammy Award Winning podcast** Matt and Christina open the show by discussing how to properly compliment somebody (spolier alert: Matt worries about sounding creepy and Christina gives good advice).

The two are then joined by Adam Turla of Murder By Death and he waits for his connecting flight in an airport in Charlotte. The three discuss the importance of artwork to Murder By Death, Kickstarter and Adam’s favorite movies.

Matt then rambles on and on about Futurama while Christina watches the clock.

Music from Murder By Death

** “Let’s Talk About Feelings” has never been awarded a Grammy. It’s a podcast, not an album. We’d sure like to win one, though.